The application for tenancy by any company to operate at the Accra Digital Centre (ADC) is based on set-out eligibility criteria and consists of various processes. The objective of the selection criteria and the process therein, is to ensure that the ADC facility is highly beneficial to prospective tenant-companies in the growth and development of their ICT and BPO/ITES businesses and in the delivery of IT services in a way that will facilitate job creation and promote socio-economic development.


Prospective tenant-company/Applicant:
1. Must be a legally registered company in Ghana or intending to register in Ghana.
2. Must be operating in the area of ICT or Business Process Outsourcing/Information Technology Enabled Services (BPO/ITES).
3. BPO tenants must have a plan and demonstrated potential to grow to not less than 200 direct employees within a period of two (2) years.
4. At least 70% of its total direct employee-space must be reserved for new employees.
5. Must have 5% of its total direct employee-space reserved for trained individuals under the Impact Sourcing Programme of the Centre.
6. Must ensure that at least 40% of the direct employee-space under the Impact Sourcing Programme is reserved for females.
7. Must comply with all regulations, policies and procedures established by the Centre as spelt out in the tenancy agreement or thereof.

Include with your application:

8. Copies of company registration documents
9. Documentation on the basis of your assumptions/calculations that have been used to estimate your employment figures (refer to Application form)


STEP 1: Prospective tenant-company completes and submits tenant application form

STEP 2: Prospective tenant-company meets with Management of ADC to evaluate if the company meets the eligibility criteria for selection

STEP 3: Prospective tenant-company works with management of ADC to determine space and facility requirements

STEP 4: Company accepted as tenant at the ADC, signs a Lease Agreement. Lease shall be for two years and is renewable as shall be negotiated upon with Management. Companies can pay advance rent of not less than one year.